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Dress Code And Electronics

NDMS SCHOOL UNIFORM DISCIPLINE CODE: will be enforced in accordance with Hampton One Policy

·         A student in violation of the school uniform policy must correct the violation immediately.

·   Failure to comply will result in student being assigned to the In-school Suspension Center immediately or being sent home.

·   A series of dress code documented offenses (blue slips/students to sign) will be handled as follows: 1st  – 5th   1 day SRC                                 6th  -10th  1 day SRC 11th  – 15th  à 1 day OSS           Starts over each 9 weeks





The following Dress Code Policy has been designed as the result of a collaborative effort between the following stakeholders: school administrators, staff, parents, and students.  Our intention is to help create an atmosphere conducive to education in which learning and the safety and health of all individuals take precedence. We recognize that clothing can impact the learning environment and climate of the school and believe that it is necessary to establish guidelines to this end. Since we respect students‟ individuality and do not want to stifle a student‟s personal taste, we have become less restrictive than we have been in the past.  However, it is our expectation that all students adhere to the policy as written.


Parents, thank you for encouraging respect and expecting your student to adhere to the dress code while at NDMS. We are grateful for your partnership, as together we appreciate variety and individuality in attire while promoting respect and conformity to established policies.



·         Black, Navy Blue or Khaki pants, skirts, shorts or jumpers (skirts and shorts cannot be more than 2 ½ inches above the knee).

·         Joggers (pants with elastic on the ankle) and overly tight-fitting pants are not allowed.

·         No pants with holes in them or rolled up pants legs are permitted at any time.

·         Neither cargo pants or cargo shorts are permitted (pants with many pockets and/or large side or leg pockets).

·         Saggy and/or baggy bottoms are not allowed. Pants must be worn at the natural waistline. (boys and girls)

·         No stretch pants, jeggings, leggings, or any made of spandex material are permitted.

·         Jeans may not be worn, except on designated days for special events and must be in compliance with the established dress code policy.

·         All bottoms must be free of graphics and embroidery (no insignias, words, or graphics larger than a quarter)



·          Solid black, maroon, or white shirts with a collar.

·         School spirit t-shirts and school sweatshirts (those with the school’s logo and/or school approved colors: black, white, maroon, red) may be worn at any time.

·         No tank tops, spaghetti straps, crop tops, or other styles that reveal any part of the mid-section are permitted.

·         NDMS or Team Jerseys and club shirts can only be worn on a day when that team is having a game or on a day designated by sponsor with the principal‟s approval. Must wear uniform bottoms at all times.



·         Black, white, maroon, red, or gray coats, jackets, and hoodies must zip or button up in front and must be zipped down or unbuttoned while inside the building.

·         Students are not allowed to wear hoods over their head at any time in the building.


·         Flip flops, shower shoes, Crocs, bedroom slippers, sandals, or slide on shoes are not allowed.

·         Shoes must enclose the foot (Ex. – sneakers, docksides, boots, loafers).  Laces on footwear must be tied.



·         Bandanas, head wraps, sweatbands, and wave caps or do rags are not allowed on campus.

·         Hats, caps, gloves, earmuffs, masks, kerchiefs, or athletic sweatbands are not allowed to be worn in the building. If it becomes necessary to confiscate these items, they will only be returned to the parent on the first occurrence. They will not be returned, thereafter.

·         No earbuds, Bluetooth devices, sunglasses and large chains hanging around neck or from belt loop are allowed.

·         Combs, picks, and hair curlers are not allowed in the hair (except for barrette style combs).

·         Metal picks and rat tail combs with sharp ends are considered weapons and are not allowed on campus.

·         Girls’ hair accessories (headbands and barrettes) cannot be any wider than one inch.


Under no circumstances will students be allowed to wear or tote the following:1 clothing that has images of weapons , drugs, or alcohol, 2) clothing that contains profanity, obscenity, sexual innuendos, or promote illegal activity, 3) clothing with any wording or symbols that is offensive to any group of people based on ethnicity, religious beliefs, or their sexual orientation, and 4) garments that are revealing or overly suggestive (low cut tops, sheer tops and/or those with holes in it, undergarments that can be seen through outer clothing).


***At the administrator’s discretion, other items deemed distracting to the educational environment will not be allowed***


Financial Assistance For Uniforms

School uniforms or financial assistance will be provided to students in need. To be eligible, a student must be on free/reduced lunch status. The amount of assistance given to students will be determined by the family‟s income; therefore, proof of income is required.


Electronic Device Policy

Hampton District One has a limited provision for use of electronic devices or game devices (such as pagers, cell phones, CD and MP3 player, and Ipods) as follows: 1) students are only allowed to use these devices in the morning and during lunch in the gymnasium or in the cafeteria, 2) students are allowed to use them in the classroom when their teacher instructs them to use them for instruction, and 3) students may use them in a controlled setting at the end of the day after all students have been dismissed from school and exited the building.


All electronic devices should be turned off when the student is on campus except as previously stated above. Students walking down the hall, sitting in a classroom or anywhere on campus with an electronic device being visible and/or on will be cited for violation of the electronic device policy and dealt with accordingly.


Students who violate the electronic device policy will be dealt with as follows: 1) 1st  offense -it will be confiscated and the parent/guardian will be required to pick it up and sign for its release, 2) 2nd  offense –confiscated for 10 school days and then returned to parent, 3) 3rd offense- confiscated for 30 school days and then returned to parent, 4) 4th offense – confiscated until the end of the school year. It should be noted that possession means whoever is caught with the device, regardless of who actually owns the electronic device. School administration will not carry on investigations of lost or stolen student personal property left unattended. Parents should call the main office if they need to contact their children while they are at school and school personnel will assist them in contacting their child.